Sunday, April 26, 2009

Felony or Misdemeanor... that is the question! Part 2

That brings us to date guy#2 in this part of the adventure. Thinking I had learned my lesson, when I started communicating with this guy I asked 2 things.... are you married and do you have a felony? Look at me being all responsible! His answers came back as: been separated for 1 1/2 years but that he's been dating and no, of course he doesn't have a felony. Ok cool... I'm a little hesitant with the separated part but it wouldn't hurt to meet him and see how he is in person.

Through texting I asked why he hasn't gone for the divorce yet. He said it was complicated and better explained over the phone. *insert phone number exchange here* Wanna know what makes it complicated? Of course you do... they still live together! Together = separated... anyone else confused besides me?? Isn't this glorified cheating? Oh wait, it gets better! He keeps talking and says, "remember how you asked if I had a felony?" Yes I remember *duh* it's on the top of my screening questions! Oh, he would never do anything to have a felony... he just has a Class B Misdemeanor for hitting his wife during a fight and got charged with domestic violence!

I know... it's hard to comprehend how I was able to resist this guy!


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