Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Harmony my foot!

I have single handedly discovered how a certain un-named eDating site is making millions of dollars. *This is where I run into the room in my real life super hero costume (- they have those ya know) and yell TADA*

Well ok, maybe it isn't rocket science or brain surgery, but how lame is this? First there is the outrageous prices to signup/renew...I only signed up cuz I found a deal of $40 for 3 months rather than the normal price of $100+ for 3 months. I recently turned off my subscription, so it won't auto renew, they have sent me twice as many matches in these last 2 weeks than they have the entire 3 months!

I think this is an evil plot so that people will reconcider and renew for that insane dollar amount because they will want time to communicate with these new and intriguing matches. But it won't work! I am not falling for it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Every Date Girl needs a break

Wow the last month has been insane. I barely had time for myself and my family... there was no room for dating adventures. Things seem to be slowing down a little and I am ready for some fun. We have a new date adventure plan and it is off the internet and out in the real world. My BFF's and I have a new agenda to get out in the sunshine and enjoy some sporting events, concerts, and just find some fun about town.

So let's see what this will bring to the dating table!