Sunday, April 26, 2009

Felony or Misdemeanor... that is the question! Part 2

That brings us to date guy#2 in this part of the adventure. Thinking I had learned my lesson, when I started communicating with this guy I asked 2 things.... are you married and do you have a felony? Look at me being all responsible! His answers came back as: been separated for 1 1/2 years but that he's been dating and no, of course he doesn't have a felony. Ok cool... I'm a little hesitant with the separated part but it wouldn't hurt to meet him and see how he is in person.

Through texting I asked why he hasn't gone for the divorce yet. He said it was complicated and better explained over the phone. *insert phone number exchange here* Wanna know what makes it complicated? Of course you do... they still live together! Together = separated... anyone else confused besides me?? Isn't this glorified cheating? Oh wait, it gets better! He keeps talking and says, "remember how you asked if I had a felony?" Yes I remember *duh* it's on the top of my screening questions! Oh, he would never do anything to have a felony... he just has a Class B Misdemeanor for hitting his wife during a fight and got charged with domestic violence!

I know... it's hard to comprehend how I was able to resist this guy!


Felony or Misdemeanor... that is the question! Part 1

This is kinda 2 date guys rolled into one story. I guess it would be safe to say that unless otherwise said, I am meeting all these guys off of online dating sites.

Date guy #1 - Friday night we start talking. By Saturday afternoon he had asked if I was busy that night and perhaps wanted to grab a bite to eat. Ok so it was Saturday afternoon and I had no plans for the night... pathetic me - don't hate! So I agreed. A while later I am in the car and he calls me. He says there are 2 things you need to know about me before we meet. *gulp* Ok. First he says he smokes. My response was then you need to quit! Second he says... I've been to prison! *ack* For what? Apparently possession and intent to sell will get you 4 years! How much do you have to have in your possession to get 4 years?? Holy COW! Thank goodness he got another call right then and his daughter was stranded... he couldn't find anyone to pick her up so he had to cancel!

I was out already so I headed over to my bff's house so we could get a good laugh out of that one!

NOTE TO SELF: add "do you have a felony" to the screening questions before meeting someone!


Money Guy

So I met Money Guy from an online dating site recently. He had been divorced for 9 years already and was still battling out the custody issues in court. Everytime we talked, every subject ended back up to his messy dramas over the kids. WOW ...enough already! On top of that all his stories were laced with mentions about how much it cost to remodel the home he had to give up, how much it cost for when the lawyer had to do this or had to do that, how he traded in his sports car every couple of years (is a Mazda 3 a sports car?? It's not what comes to my mind when I hear sports car), it just was annoying. So I started to think this guy must have a lot of money (not that I am materialistic, I just wondered if I was picking up the underlying messages).

So eventually we meet for dinner. Again the entire evening was about his divorce and how much he spent for things. During the conversation he also revealed a new subject and that was that he had been hurt on the job. When he didn't feel they had compensated him well enough for his injuries, he sued for workers comp. He hadn't worked in over a year and had just been living off the settlement. It was continually apparent how he would throw his lawyer into any situation when he could, and dropped hints about how much it cost every step of the way. My favorite moment was when he was bragging about how much he had been making. He said he had started with them some 20 + years and started out making $9 or $10. By the time he had quit he was "making more money than he will probably ever make again"! He was making $25 an hour!! I was expecting him to say something like $150 grand a year or so! I just sat back, chuckled to myself and thought, "Dude, I am making at least that! I am so not impressed!"

What a *LOSER*! I don't need his court drama, don't need someone who is going to have a lawyer in his pocket for any little thing and I certainly am not impressed by his finanical bragging!


The Adventures of Date Girl!

Welcome to the Adventures of Date Girl! Date Girl... that's ME! *grin* I am a single mom, a career girl, a mom to 3 teenagers and trying to find Mister Right in the adventures of dating.

The adventures of dating, just as Forrest would say, are like a box of never know what you're going to get. I don't know about you but when I eat a box of chocolates there are only a few of them that I really like. The truffles, the caramels and the cherry chocolates are good enough for me. I can do without the coconut, the ones with the nuts, that orange gel filling and the other yucky flavors. So if you give me a box you can count on that most of them will have a little nibble taken out of them and thrown back in (the nibble was probably spit out into the trash). I compare this to dating because so many dates end up as the yucky flavors and thrown back. I am still trying to find my caramel chocolate! Many of the dates think they are good enough but they just don't realize they are the chocolates with the nuts (and sometimes they are seriously nutty!)

So stay tuned for the adventures of dating.... because you just can't make this stuff up!