Saturday, May 5, 2012

D Day

A couple of weeks ago "D Day" was celebrated! What is D Day you ask?

Divorce Day. 

Donut Divorce Day. 

Daylight Donut  Divorce Day... because you can't have donuts unless they are Daylight Donuts!

D Day was born in 2000, the year of my divorce. I was quite excited that the papers were signed that I celebrated by bringing donuts to the office that day. The following year I celebrated again, and for a few years after that. 

Then for a few years ...I forgot. 

I still work with a couple of friends that were there on the first D Day. A couple of years ago I was asked, "Why don't we celebrate D Day anymore?" Heck, I don't know why we didn't but who could pass up reviving a holiday that is celebrated with Daylight Donuts?

Not, this girl! 

I actually had to look up the date since I didn't remember it anymore and guess what...It was the 10th anniversary of D Day. Now if that wasn't a sign that it needed to be revived, I don't know what was! 

Daylight Donuts is a little dive building that has been standing for as long as I can remember. They make all their donuts fresh every morning, right in their little building. They open early, 6 am or so, and are only open until early afternoon. Get them in the morning or you don't get them at all! 

So on the particular morning of the 10th revival anniversary of D Day I was standing in the small lobby, looking out the window, as they boxed my 3 dozen assorted donuts for the office. It was about 6:30 am and as I peered out the window I noticed my ex-husband drive by on his way to work. 

(I dial his number)

Him: Hello

Me: Good morning, I just saw you drive by. 

Him: Where are you?

Me: Daylight Donuts, buying donuts to celebrate the anniversary of our divorce. 

Him: Loriiiiiiii, you can't do that, that's not nice. 

Me: (chuckle) Well I am, and it's funny that I watched you drive by at the same time. 

Him: Save me a donut. 

Me: Buy your own, I'm not your wife anymore! :) 

Him: (Laugh) Fine, I am going to have my own celebration and you're not invited.  

Me: Perfect! Have a happy divorce day! 

Him: You too!


And with that D Day was re-born...

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